Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0

by Titleist

Stay Dry in Style: Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0

The Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0 is a must-have for golfers who like style and minimalism. Thanks to its innovative double canopy design, you can battle the elements in style and comfort. With a 58-inch coverage area and a compact design that shrinks to 22 inches when folded, you won't have to compromise protection for space and portability. The ergonomic handle has a secure grip so that you can navigate even the windiest of terrains with ease. Plus, the premium anti-inversion system improves the umbrella's durability and prevents flipping inside out. With its sophisticated black design, this fashionable umbrella is suitable for any environment. From golf outings to daily commuting, you'll be prepared for anything when armed with this ultra-functional umbrella.

Innovative Design Meets Functionality

The Titleist Players Folding Umbrella is a revolutionary fusion of design and practicality. Boasting a massive 58-inch coverage and innovative double canopy design, keep yourself safe from unexpected downpours in style!

Compact Yet Mighty - Don't be fooled by its small size when folded! Easily carry or store the umbrella without compromising on protection or performance. Perfect for golf enthusiasts and daily commuters alike!

Enhanced Wind Resistance - Its double canopy design not only adds a sleek, modern look but also enhances wind resistance. You can now brave any storm with utmost confidence!

Engineered for comfort and durability

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with the Titleist ergonomic handle featuring a proprietary hub pattern designed for a secure grip. No matter how windy it gets, you'll stay covered!

Unparalleled stability - Titleist's patent-pending anti-inversion system helps keep your umbrella from flipping inside out. This premium feature ensures lasting performance and resistance against gusts of wind.

High Quality Materials - Made with high quality materials to ensure lasting performance and protection from rain and wind. Enjoy your day knowing you're covered with the best umbrella out there.

Convenient storage - When not in use, the Titleist folding umbrella folds down neatly to just thirteen inches in length, making it easy to store anywhere you need it.

Sophisticated Style for Every Occasion

Show up and show off with the Titleist Players Folding Umbrella. Whether you're at a golf outing or walking the city streets, this umbrella packs sleek sophistication into your ensemble.
Proprietary Design - Titleists incorporated proprietary designs into the construction of this folding umbrella to ensure maximum functionality and appeal. The matte black finish provides a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

Minimalist Profile - Even when fully opened, the TA8PLFU-0 has a minimal profile, making it easier to transport and store wherever you may go. The ergonomic rubberized handle offers a comfortable grip, so rain or shine, you'll always stay dry.

Key Features

  • 58” of coverage
  • Integrated proprietary designs
  • Premium anti-inversion system
  • Ergonomic handle with proprietary hub pattern