Titleist 917 D2 Driver - Aldila Rogue MAX 65

by Titleist
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Titleist 917D2 Driver Diamana M+ 50 Lite - 2017

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  • Distance with forgiveness in a full 460cc pear profile. Offers more forgiveness, a slightly higher launch and more spin versus 917D3.


    Faster ball speeds
    Off-center provide more distance, more often, delivering superior forgiveness.

    Through industry leading SureFit® CG and SureFit® Hosel provide the best possible fit for every golfer of any skill level.

    Sound and acoustic
    Frequencies have been Tour validated to inspire confidence and enhance feel.

    Trajectory and shot shape
    Customization provide golfers a more consistent and repeatable shot from the tee.


    SureFit® CG
    Allows the CG to be moved from a back, heel position to a forward, toe position through interchangeable weights, optimizing spin and launch conditions for every player.

    Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0
    Refined thickness through the channel reduces spin and increases speed.

    Radial Speed Face 2.0
    Enhanced with a thinner perimeter face width to promote a greater off-center ball speed for more overall distance across the face.

    SureFit® Hosel
    16 independent loft and lie settings, create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting.



    Flex: S, X

    Weight: 67.5g, 69.5g

    Torque: 3.7°, 3.3°

    Launch: Low/Mid