Mizuno GT 180 Driver

by Mizuno
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Mizuno GT 180

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  • One of the most adjustable drivers on the market, the Mizuno GT 180 blends traditional design and maximum fine tunability into one popular driver. The Gt 180 quickly adjusts to golfers needs on the fly. With over 1800 possible settings - high fades, down the middle straight, or wrapping around a dogleg left, there's a setting for every golfer. Choose from multiple lofts - 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 - to create the perfect launch angle. Availble with the stock Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver, Mizuno also offers the 3 other Mitsubishi shafts to select with purchase, so you can have the ultimate fine tunable driver.

    • SP700 Titanium Face - Exotic fine grain titanium material that offer greater responsive force for increased ball speed and distance.
    • CORTECH Design - Optimized face thickness distribution to maximize COR AREA
    • Visual Face Angle Slider - Adjusted Visual Face Angle independently of loft/lie inspires confidence to make a strong, natural swing
    • Fast Track Technology - Precisely designed weight track system that allows for a straightforward path to optimizing launch conditions.
    • Quick Switch Adaptor - Defined loft/lie settings to aid in launch optimization
  • Specs
    Club # Driver
    Loft º 9.5º
    Lie º 58.5º
    Length " 45"
    Swing Weight D4